Hi, I’m Kyle Walters, and I want to tell you why I created this website.

I designed The Simple Workout originally for myself. I was having trouble finding the time and motivation to work out. Problem was I was a personal trainer, and had set a standard for myself to stay in shape. The solution I came up with allowed me to get in the best shape of my life and stay there. My strongest, leanest, most-muscular self. It works because it requires very little time commitment per week and keeps me motivated.  I still use The Simple Workout philosophy today. I decided to create a website and share it, not only because it is great, but because I found that many people say the same things that I use to say:

“I can’t find the time to work out.” Look, we all have trouble finding the time to work out. Which as a personal trainer, made things really stressful for me. I had to be in shape, but didn’t have the time. So I took my decade of exercise experience, my development as a personal trainer, and the universal wisdom that I absorbed in Business School and created a workout program that has allowed me to get into the best shape of my life, and stay there. Beginning with only 3 workouts a week. Only 3 different exercises. The Simple Workout.

“I can’t find the motivation to workout.” I understand, even the highest level athletes, at one point or another, have had trouble finding motivation to work out. However, finding motivation is absolutely essential for success in any workout program. Because a motivated person will see more results, every time, than the person that’s just working out, just going through the motions. That’s why The Simple Workout is designed not to take motivation, but to be a motivator. Each workout you get 3 chances to set 3 personal records. Goals so simple, yet so rewarding. 100% focus on the goals, nothing else. Achieved every workout. The Simple Workout is a Motivator.

“I don’t have a gym membership, or the equipment”. During my time as a personal trainer, I literally spent a portion of every day at the gym. However I worked out in my bedroom. Why? Because I determined that the best exercises did not require much equipment at all, in fact 2 of the 3 exercises require no equipment, and the equipment needed for the 3rd exercise is incredibly cheap. Even though there were pull up bars at the gym, I still worked out at home because I found that it was easier to accomplish my best workouts in my zone, not in the chaos of the gym. However, if the gym is your zone, do The Simple Workout there. The beauty is that you can do The Simple Workout anywhere.

“I don’t know how to get started” With the thousands of exercises and the infinite ways you can arrange them into a workout, it is no wonder many people don’t know the “right” way to get started. And because they think they don’t know, they never start. The truth: any start is the right start. Just start. I created a workout that gives you the essential basics to strength training. The basics that became the basics only because they have proven to be highly effective over a very, very long time. The basics that you probably already know. The basics that professional athletes still use in one form or another. The basics that I love so much.