3 Reasons to Skip the Ab Exercises

  1. You do Squats
  2. You do Push Ups
  3. You do Pull Ups

Let me explain. Your abs’ core function is STABILIZATION. To stabilize your body when you are standing, sitting, walking, running, jumping, showering, pooping and brushing your teeth, so basically all the time. The best way to work your abs is to require them to perform high levels of stabilization.

Here’s the scoop. Squats, push ups, and pull ups require high levels of stabilization throughout your core. Do plenty of squats, push ups, and pull ups and you will be doing plenty of ab exercises without really knowing it (until your abs are sore the next day).

Here’s more of the scoop. The more advanced squats, push ups, and pull ups you do the more stabilization and strength they require from your abs. Imagine a guy that can do 10 one-handed push ups, 10 single-legged squats, and 10 pull ups with a 50 pound weighted vest. I bet you imagined a guy with a six pack.